Shakti Yoga

Dienstag 19.30 - 21.00 Uhr

Lektion 90 Minuten 25.- zahlbar im Abo 8x 200.- CHF

Unterricht in Englisch!

The courses are taught in English.

Für alle Levels

All levels of experiences welcome


Infos und Anmeldung

Lucy Forest
079 158 5189
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8-week Course

In this 8-week course, you will be guided to explore your body, emotions, thoughts + energy through traditional Yoga poses, gentle movements, breath + energy awareness.

Each week a different theme will be explored, where you will be guided to connect to a different physical and energetic part of your body.

You will learn:

  • deeper connection to your body in daily life.
  • tools for relaxation
  • a greater understanding of your body, mind and complete self
  • An information sheet with further information + a weekly practise.

Shakti Yoga is a blend of traditional Yoga poses with free, and intuitive movement.
Through a connection of movement and breath, we fluidly transition through gentle movements and postures.
It goes beyond the structured practise of Yoga, as the freedom, creativity, and expression of Shakti is embraced.
It is a practise to explore your physical, emotional, spiritual and energetic bodies.
A practise to tune into your sensual and flowing feminine energy, that is within every gender.
You will leave your mat feeling at peace, and revitalised.
If you are looking for more freedom and expression on your mat, and more spontaneity in your life, this is a practise for you!

Please note that the classes are taught in English.



What is Shakti?

Shakti is the Divine Feminine creative power flowing through all of us.
Shakti empowers us to be luminous, radiant, creative, sensual, and in-flow with the Universe.
Shakti is the creative and transformational energy within us. 


About your facilitator

Lucy is a free-spirited Australian, who was led to Switzerland for love.

She is passionate about sharing the powers of the feminine with her background in the traditions of Yoga, infused with her study of Tantra, dance and embodiment practises, in a fun and playful way. Her classes are a holistic journey through your complete self, that leave you feeling peaceful, clear and rejuvenated. Each week a different aspect of our body and self is explored, allowing a deeper layer of who we are to be understood. 

She has 15 years of Yoga and embodiment experience. She has been teaching for 5 years.